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What is Breathing Aerobics?

Breathing Aerobics is a series of deep Breathing techniques that help you Improve your mental state of mind and physical health.

Would you like to:

* Eliminate or reduce stress, headaches, anxiety, depression and PMS symptoms.

* Improve your mood, focus, Concentration, Creativity, and Memory.

* Reduce high blood pressure & Cholesterol.

*Sleep more soundly.

*Strengthen your immune system. 

*Speed up your metabolism.

*Burn excess body fat. 

Lose inches and pounds off your body.

*Improve your skin tone. 

Have a more youthful appearance.

*Raise your sport's performance level.

*Increase your energy, strength, Endurance & Stamina.


The creator of Breathing Aerobics, Jonathan “Fitness” Jones is known as The Guru of Breathing around town.  

Jonathan will teach you how to breathe to improve the quality of your life.  

He has over 30 years of experience in the health and fitness field.  

Jonathan has taught Breathing Aerobics on major TV and radio shows.

Breathing Challenge - Oakland Earth EXPO 2016

"the Days with zahrah" Show on ABC 7




The Guru of Breathing, Jonathan 'Fitness' Jones

Jones  is always game to help incorporate deep breathing. He said there  is  never a bad time. He sets aside times throughout the day where he   invests in his mind and body. In the morning, to get your day right.  Before meals, to speed up your metabolism.


Oakland's Own Breathing Aerobics Teacher Moonlights as an Uber/Lyft Driver

Jonathan "Fitness" Jones, creator of Breathing Aerobics, teaches Oakland and San Francisco techies quick and simple breathing techniques that help them manage workplace stress and increase their creative energy.


Take Care of Yourself During the Holidays

After Jonathan Jones was featured in the Post (09/13/2011), he was asked to provide Breathing Aerobics training the the staff and clients at Alzheimer's Services of the East Bay.


"Your Health is Your Wealth": Mental and Physical Fitness in Oakland

Jonathan "Fitness" Jones has discovered the true meaning of "the breath of life".  Jones has been studying breathing techniques for many years and utilizes breathing to reduce stress, promote a positive mentality and to lose weight.


“Breathing Aerobics does wonders for me. It helps me keep my stress level down, which helps me stay mentally focused.”
- David Hollander, President and CEO of Liberty Investment Group LLC / Host KNBR's Protect Your Assets Show

"I definitely felt more energetic and focused after each of the sessions. I noticed a definite decrease in the level of stress I felt after working with you."
- Dennis Chaconas, Former Superintendent - Oakland Unified School District

"Jonathan and his Breathing Aerobics are amazing! I have had sleep issues ever since I conceived my daughter 16 years ago, and his Breathing Aerobics have really helped me during times that my hormones interrupt my sleep cycle. Now after 16 years, I'm finally getting restful sleep! Additionally, in preparing for my career change as a personal trainer, I had to take a test, which caused massive test anxiety. Though with Jonathan and his Breathing Aerobics I was able to relax and alleviate my anxiety and passed my test and I'm on my way!"

- Rebecca T., 50 yrs old, Personal Trainer/Horse Masseuse

"Our tenants that have participated in the Breathing Aerobics program have noted weight loss, stress reduction, better sleep, reduction of anxiety and depression symptoms and a reduction in their use of medications."

- Rebecca R., Service Coordinator at Beth Asher Senior Home

"Through Mr. Jones' trainings, he was able to teach several staff members here at our facility how to breathe in a manner that helped them sleep better, lose weight, and reduce anxiety."

- D. Johneson, Director of Rehabilitation Services -  Stars Adolescent Center

"The meeting was titled "Boosting Morale of Government Employees" more than forty attendees enjoyed their experience with you & Breathing Aerobics. I think we placed it just right, as an "ice breaker" activity to stimulate them, open their brains a bit and get them in the mood for discussing techniques to increase positive morale in the workplace."

- Kristine S, Citywide Training - City of Oakland Office of Personnel

"Thank you again for providing your expertise and helpful information via your program Breathing Aerobics. Professionally, your program has become a resource for many people in the Oakland area through your participation at the" Earth Expo"  last April, giving them the basic tools towards healthful living. Personally, your instruction has assisted me with focus and perspective on my health and well-being. It has also given me the ability to reduce my stress and increase my endurance by focusing on the nature."  

- Stefanie Dugan L, MHROD

Environmental Administrative Services Manager- Earth Expo Coordinator City of Oakland  

Testimonial From Jonathan's teacher

My Story


My name is Jonathan “Fitness” Jones. I am 56 years old and from the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Area. I have over thirty years of experience in the fields of health and fitness.

I owned and operated a gym located in Oakland, California called “The Body Shop Fitness Center”. Later, a series of unfortunate events occurred. I lost the gym and became depressed. To camouflage my feelings, I started overeating and stopped exercising which led to excessive weight gain.

One day, while eating breakfast at a local restaurant, I ran into an old friend, Kim Reinheimer. Kim taught meditation and deep breathing techniques for over 30 years. She noticed that I looked stressed out and noticed the weight I had gained. Kim said that she could show me some deep breathing exercises that would help me get rid of the stressful feelings I was experiencing and the extra pounds I had gained.

I tried the deep breathing exercises she suggested. After the first session, the stressful feelings were gone and my mind was clear. I could not believe the changes! I was thinking more positively and feeling better about myself. I began to do the deep breathing exercises three times a day. Over the course of two months, I lost over twenty pounds and looked ten years younger. The changes that occurred were unbelievable. These simple deep breathing exercises put my life back on track! After experiencing the mental and physical changes that were occurring in my life, I wanted to learn more.

Kim then introduced me to Zen Master, Dr. Chung Am. Dr. Am was a Chinese herb doctor and taught meditation and breathing exercises for over 50 years. He showed me even more deep breathing techniques and taught me that breathing was more than just a breath of life. He helped me understand how breathing influences my emotions, affects my creativity, improves my energy level, motivation and memory, and can change my body chemistry. The more I learned, the stronger my desire became to improve the quality of my life.

I named the breathing techniques I’d been practicing Breathing Aerobics®.  I wanted to help others. I began teaching people how to improve the quality of their lives using Breathing Aerobics® on television and radio alike.


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